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EDI 270–5010 Documentation–BHT – Beginning of Hierarchical Transaction

BHT – Beginning of Hierarchical Transaction

BHT – Beginning of Hierarchical Transaction

Loop Seg ID Segment Name Format Length Ref# Req Value
Header BHT Beginning of Hierarchical Segment 3 R BHT
Element Separator AN 1 *
BHT01 Hierarchical Structure Code ID 4/4 1005 R 0022
Element Separator AN 1 *
BHT02 Transaction set purpose Code ID 2/2 353 R 13
Element Separator AN 1 *
BHT03 Reference Identification AN 1/50 127 R See below for more information
Element Separator AN 1 *
BHT04 Date DT 8/8 373 R Current date in YYYYMMDDD format
Element Separator AN 1 *
BHT05 Time TM 4/8 337 R Print time in HHMM Format
Segment Terminator ~
BHT02 – Transaction set Purpose Code.
Code identifying purpose of transaction set

Code Definition
13 Request

Use this code to cancel a previously submitted 270 transaction. Only 270 transactions that used a BHT06 code of either ‘RT’ or ‘RU’ can be cancelled. The cancellation 270 transaction must contain the same BHT06 code as the previously submitted 270 transaction.


BHT03 – Reference Identification
Just for tracking purpose, Software should generate unique EDI File Batch Number.


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