Friday, 1 July 2011

All My Healthcare Domain stuffs

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Medical Billing concepts
2. Health care Introduction documents
3. EMR Appointment Features
4. EMR SOAP Note
5. EMR History of Present Illness
6. EMR Use cases
7. EMR Test visit (Lab) workflow
8. Most commonly Used Lab Test Panels
9. EMR Most Commonly Used Vital Signs
10. Physician Quality Reporting System - PQRS

Healthcare Technical

EDI 5010 Documentation 837 Health care claim : Professional with sample Files
EDI 5010 Documentation 837 Health care claim : Institutional with sample Files
EDI 5010 Documentation 835 Health Care Claim Payment/Advice with sample Files and Parsing Tool
4. EDI 5010 Documentation 270 Health Care Eligibility/Benefit Inquiry
5. EDI 5010 Documentation 271  Health Care Eligibility Benefit Response
6. SQL Server Stored Procedure for EDI 837 P 5010 Version
7. MYSQL  Stored Procedure for EDI 837 P 5010 Version
8. Apply Insurance Payment (EOB Posting) Use cases.
9. Difference Between 837 Institutional and 837 Professional
10. Sample HL7 Files
11. HL7 Parsing
12. My Own HL7 Parser in java
13. MSH Message Header Segment
14. OBX Observation/result Segment


Practice Management software (Medical Billing system)

As a developer, i have written PMS software on different computer Languages for more than 5 times. In the year 2003, started writing coding for Practice management System in Microsoft Visual Basic 6, and then Microsoft access for small providers, and then move to VB.Net and now in 2015, written  a complete Practice Management system, purely using Java and other Open source technologies to achieve the same result in WEB.

In 2012,  again I was involved in developing an independent system for PMS using VB6 with SQL server 2005. I really enjoyed myself and love to work/complete that project. One of my best period in my life. But unfortunately,  we could not able to market the product because of VB6 no longer used widely in the industry.

Here are some video demos and screen shots of the PMS software

Video Demo

1. Master Screens

2. Patient Demographics

3. Charge Entry

4. Submit Electronic Claims

5. Reports

Screen shots

1. Practice Management System (PMS) Sample screens Part 1
2. Practice Management System(PMS) Sample Screens Part 2
3. Patient demographics and Patient case screens 
Charge Entry screen design


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