Monday, 9 January 2012

Patient Demographics

Patient browse (search) is the key element for any EMR / PMS Software. In my past 15 years experience, i involved more than 5 times in design/development (using VB6, VB.NET) / test the Patient demographics search and patient demographics page.

Here is the excellent UI which shows how to design patient search window
Patient Search window
or you can see the screen shot here

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

MU Certification Smoking Status

For the MU Measure Test Procedure for §170.302 (g) Smoking Status , make sure your software shows both the Smoking status recodes and Smoking status. Because certification bodies will ask to show the code also in the drop down.

MU Certification

For the measure, Test Procedure for §170.302 (h) Incorporate Laboratory Test Results, we could not able to find or get the HL7 File for the data sets. So by looking the data on each data sets, we created the HL7 File which given here for new people

Data Set 1

Data set 2

Data set 3

We completed our MU Certification in Nov 2011 itself, but this year only i got time to share / transfer our knowledge/expereince to  others. In the upcoming post, i will share some of my experience in the certification

Passing Parameter between two files using MVVM

This examples shows how to pass parameter between two zul screens. In this example, we are passing some parameters from the parent vm to...