Monday, 17 June 2013

EDI 270–5010 Documentation– 2000C SUBSCRIBER LEVEL


Trace numbers assigned at the subscriber level are intended to allow tracing of an eligibility/benefit transaction when the subscriber is the patient. The information receiver may assign one TRN segment in this loop if the subscriber is the patient. A clearinghouse may assign one TRN segment in this loop if the subscriber is the patient

Loop Seg ID Segment Name Format Length Ref# Req Value
Header TRN Subscriber Trace Number ID 3 R TRN
Element Separator AN 1 *
TRN01 Trace Type Code ID 1 481 R 1 = Current Transaction Trace Number
Element Separator AN 1 *
TRN02 Reference Identification AN 1/50 127 R <Trace Number: Assigned by information receiver or information receiver’s clearing house>
Element Separator AN 1 *
TRN03 Originating Company Identifier AN 10 509 R <ID Number of the company that assigned the trace number>
Segment Terminator ~


Segment Structure


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