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2000C Hierarchical Level

Use this segment to identify the hierarchical or entity level of information being conveyed. The HL structure allows for the efficient
nesting of related occurrences of information. The developers’ intent is to clearly identify the relationship of the patient to the subscriber
and the subscriber to the provider

Loop Seg ID Segment Name Format Length Ref# Req Value
2000C HL Billing Hierarchical Level 2 R HL
Element Separator AN 1 *
HL01 Hierarchical ID Number AN 1/12 628 R

Use this sequentially assigned positive number to identify each
specific occurrence of an HL segment within a transaction set. It
should begin with the number one and be incremented by one for
each successive occurrence of the HL segment within that specific
transaction set (ST through SE).

Element Separator AN 1 *
HL02 Hierarchical Parent ID Number 0 1/12 734   2
Element Separator   1 *
HL03 Hierarchical Level Code ID 1/2 735 R 22 (Subscriber)
Element Separator   1 *
HL04 Hierarchical Child Code ID 1/1 736 R 0
Segment Terminator ~

Segment Structure



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