Monday, 25 March 2013

Medical Billing–Patient Insurance

Patient Insurance

We know that, patient has to give his insurance information to the Doctor before the treatment. Collecting the patient insurance information is very important data entry part to avoid delayed or denials.

Either at the time of appointment or at the time of patient visit the practice(Check in), patient insurance information has to be collected. If it is existing patient, then we need to verify the existing patient insurance information which is already in the file(or computer system).

Very Important. For New Patient, we need to collect signed copy of HIPAA consent form. For more details, please check here.

The following information has to collect from the patient

1. Insurance Company Name

2. Policy No (Unique number to identify the patient within the insurance system)

3. Policy Group No (Identifies in which plan the patient enrolled with the insurance company)

4. Effective Date (From which date, benefits or covered services are allowed)

5. Relationship to the Patient(Patient may have the insurance on his name, or he/she may be covered by one of the family member)

6. Insured details such as first name, last name, etc if the patient is not the same as insurer.

7. Copay and deductible amount

And also, we need to scan the patient insurance card back and front part into the system. Sample Insurance card here.







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