Sunday, 21 October 2012

ZK MVVM CRUD Without DB Connection

In this post, we will see step by step tutorial on ZK MVVM CRUD Operation without any DB Connection.

Part 1:
In the Part 1, Let me explain how to show the listing screen which is typical starting point for all CRUD Operation. Click here to start the Part 1.

Part 2:
In the Part 2, We will just change the Look and Feel without adding any more functionality. Here is Part 2.

Part 3:
In the Part 3, We will implement add new customer . In this example, I have shown how you can call a ZK Model window and after closing the model window, how we can update some information in the parent window. Here is Part 3.

Part 4:
In the Part 4, We will implement edit and Delete customer. Here is Part 4.

Part 5:
In the Part 5, We will change the look and feel of our customer modal window. Here is Part 5.

Part 6:

In the Part 6, We will add Read only option and also we will see how we show notification after every successful operation.
Here is part 6

Part 7:
In the Part 7, We will use jquery in ZK. And also , we will see how we can  create own component. Here is part 7

Online Demo here.

You can download the source here.

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  1. This is AWESOME !
    Suitable for beginners !
    Easy to understand.
    Thanks Sir. :)