Tuesday, 31 March 2015

ZK 7 Project Start-up Kit – Dynamic Menu

Well, You have learned the basics of ZK Framework and now you are ready to go to develop a Complete commercial Application or Sample Application. But how to start ? You might be end with lot of questions such as “Is there any template available ?”, “any support available for the project template”?, etc.

Here it is. I have developed a small Project start up kit with the following features

1. Menus are Dynamic for N Level support. What does it mean ? Well, in the modern Web application, you might want to visible/invisible Menu by each users type (aka Dynamic Menu). This template has that option . All the Menu caption and levels are Stored in MySQL Database and after login , it will retrieve the menus assigned only for the user.

2. Apart from Menu, You might be interested in giving permission to add/delete/edit for CRUD Based screens. Using this template, you can also control by each user.

3. For all the CRUD Based screens, Export to Excel option template is provided.

4. Sample CRUD Screen are Provided to ready to start.

5. Integrated with Spring Security

6. Integrated with Spring Hibernate Security.

7. Base DAO and DAO implementation classes are provided.

8. Utilising ZK's MVVM databinding.

Version 2 also available. For more details, please check here

Apart from the above, the Most important option is “ Support!!!!!!!”. Users who buying this kit, unlimited support will be provided to help them to understand the structure. If you are interested in buying this start up kit, please email to me at

Project Screenshots

Login Screen


Landing Page with Dynamic Menus


Assigning Role Based Rights including CRUD Options


User Creation


Global Error Handler Includes MySQL Errors


Project Structure


Sample Code

<window id="userslist" border="none"
viewModel="@id('vm') @init('com.product.webapp.admin.UsersListVM')">
<separator />
<div width="96%">
<span width="100%">
<div sclass="screenheader">
<separator />
<label id="lcaption" sclass="screenheaderlabel"
value="Users List" />
<div id="buttonsDiv" sclass="screenheaderbuts">
<button label="Add New"
visible="@load(vm.menu.canAdd eq 1)"
<div sclass="clearboth"></div>
<div sclass="sectionSeperator"></div>
<separator />
<separator />
<div width="96%" sclass="sectionpadding">
<label value="User Name" />
<space />
<textbox id="name" cols="30"
value="@bind(vm.dataFilter.name)" onChange="@command('doFilter')"
instant="true" maxlength="30" />
<space spacing="20px" />
<checkbox id="activechk" label="Show only active"
onCheck="@command('doFilter')" />
<space spacing="20px" />
<image sclass="fImageExcel"
onClick="@command('onExcelExport')" />
<div sclass="floatright">
<paging id="pagenavi" pageSize="@load(vm.pageSize)"
sclass="floatright" pageIncrement="1" detailed="true">
<div sclass="clearboth"></div>
<separator />
<panel width="95%" sclass="sectionpadding">
<listbox id="" mold="paging" paginal="${pagenavi}"
sclass="mylist" selectedItem="@bind(vm.selectedItem)"
<listhead sizable="true">
<listheader label="User Name"
sortDirection="ascending" sort="auto(userName)" />
<listheader label="First Name"
sort="auto(firstName)" />
<listheader label="Last Name"
sort="auto(lastName)" />
<listheader label="Role"
sort="auto(p1.userRole.roleName)" />
<listheader label="Action" />
<template name="model" var="p1">
sclass="@load(p1.active eq 0 ?'inactiveRecord':'')">
<listcell label="@load(p1.userName)"
sclass="highlightcell" />
<listcell label="@load(p1.firstName)" />
<listcell label="@load(p1.lastName)" />
label="@load(p1.userRole.roleName)" />
<hbox spacing="20px">
<image sclass="fimageActive"
visible="@load( (vm.menu.canDelete eq 1) and (p1.active ==1) and (p1.system == 0 ))" />
<image sclass="fimageInactive"
visible="@load((vm.menu.canDelete eq 1) and (p1.active !=1) and (p1.system == 0 ))" />
<image sclass="fimageDelete"
visible="@load( (vm.menu.canDelete eq 1) and (p1.system eq 0))"
onClick="@command('onDelete')" />
<image sclass="fimageedit"
visible="@load( (vm.menu.canEdit eq 1 ) and p1.system eq 0)"
onClick="@command('onEdit')" />

Export to Excel


Menus are Dynamically Loaded from the MYSQL Table


To buy this start-up kit, please email me at vbsenthilinnet@gmail.com

Video Demo


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