Thursday, 19 March 2015

How to create ZK Maven Project–Setup Eclipse Kepler IDE


IDE For java development

In the c drive , create a folder called Eclipse

Extract the “eclipse-jee-kepler-SR2-win32” into the folder Eclipse. The folder should look as follows.


Go to the Folder c:\Eclipse and double click “Eclipse.exe”


Click ok


Close the welcome window

Configure Tomcat server in Eclipse
In the Eclipse server Window, Click New Server Wizard as shown.


Select Tomcat 7 Server as shown and click next


Select Tomcat 7 Installation director and JRE as shown and click Finish


Add ZK Maven Archetype

Go to Window -> Preference -> Maven -> Archetypes and Click Add Remote catalog as shown here


In the catalog file enter and description enter as “ZK Maven Archetype” and click verify

After successful verify, it will show “Found xx archetype(s) as shown here


Click ok button to close the window and for the Click ok button for Preferences window also.

Now we are ready and we will create ZK Application.


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